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3 Truths No One Tells You About Starting a Yoga Business

in yoga, we’re always talking about authenticity and openness. but when it comes to starting a yoga business (or any business for that matter), we’re often only given half truths. now, that’s not because people are trying to mislead you — they just don’t want…

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stop sh#$%ing all over your business

you need to stop sh@#%ing all over your business. ok, now that i’ve got your attention, let me explain… :-) in case you’re wondering…no, i’m not talking about that “s” word. i’m talking about a different “s” word that you likely use A LOT in…

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My Favorite Design Tools to Build Your Best Yoga Website

i’ve been hearing from many of you in the CALM biz community that you definitely recognize the need to have a website, virtual products and even offer services (like coaching, meditation, etc.) online. awesome! bravo! but clarity is different than action, right? recognizing the need…

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QUIZ: do i need a new website?

do you have website shame? you know what i mean… do you hesitate to send people to your site because it’s outdated? or do you apologize for its lack of functionality or clunky graphics? does it look like it was built before the 21st century?…

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