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How to Land an Interview in Business Insider

On May 17th I opened my inbox to find an email with the subject line “Hello from Business Insider!” I was ecstatic. Business Insider — who is known for featuring industry powerhouses like Emily Williams, Jenn Scalia, Sarah Kaler, Selena Soo, and Ramit Sethi —…

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3 Questions to Help You Do LESS & Achieve MORE

I just got back from a fantastic long weekend at the beach. Though this mini-vaca was mostly to enjoy the fresh air, sand and sunshine with my family, I did squeeze in just a few (fun!) business to-dos. (Like an awesome photoshoot for my soon-to-be-released…

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Building a Business is Like a Great Meal {+ super exciting announcement!}

Happy Wednesday! {exciting announcement below} The other day, a thought struck me: building a business is like a great meal. It’s about the enjoyment of the unfolding, not getting to the end. 808Ok, so let me explain… If you’re anything like me (and I think…

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Wondering If You’ll Ever Get There?

Two weeks ago, I attended a small mastermind event in NYC led by Emily Williams. (In case you’re unfamiliar, Emily is a powerhouse in the coaching industry, so I knew this would be a transformational experience.) As I looked around the small group of 10…

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