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are you a new yoga teacher fresh out of teacher training wondering where to start?

are you struggling to find your yoga “niche” and feel stalled?

are you a seasoned yogi looking to grow your online presence and connect with more potential students and private clients?

if you want your passion to be a business, not just a hobby, then this is the place for you.

passion and business are not mutually exclusive concepts.  Cailen-Yoga-bw  20

too many of us pursue our passions — like teaching yoga — as a mere hobby, believing that we could never be truly successful if we were to work at it full-time.  i believe it’s time for a change!

through CALM biz, i teach conscious business practices to savvy yogis, visionaries, and budding entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach and grow their business.

if you know that you’re destined to make a difference in this world, and are not content to see this life pass you by without contributing your unique gift, then now is the time to start working to manifest your dreams.

if you’re anything like me, you’re teaching yoga because you love it — not to make money.  but the best way to serve your students, and reach more students that could benefit from your teaching, is to strive for abundance, both professionally and personally.  if you’re stressed because you’re overworked and underpaid, you are not going to be serving your students to the best of your ability.  you know that yoga can change lives (that’s likely why you became a teacher in the first place), but yoga is not just contained to a mat or to a studio — it is meant to infiltrate every area of your life — including your career. 

that awesome, amazing, receptive energy that you feel while flowing through vinyasas on your mat, or while teaching your students, can also be present when you develop your marketing plan or craft your newest offerings.  yoga and the business of yoga are not two separate things.  and the sooner you realize that, and direct more prana to your yoga career, the sooner you’ll experience true abundance — the kind that comes from making a difference in the world by sharing your gift and making a living while doing it.

through CALM biz, i share conscious business practices for yoga teachers, visionaries and budding entrepreneurs looking to pursue their passion, expand their reach, grow their business, and ultimately live their dream. 

let’s chat, and see how we can grow your yoga biz into a fulfilling, fun, and sustainable career!

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